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I wear a mask to protect you and you wear one to protect me. Thats how we roll.

The 'Gridlok' gives you optimum comfort and protection.

Contoured cut for a more stylish & comfortable  fit.
Made with a super soft quilted Jersey fabric which is 3ply thick but still extremely breathable.

Comes with a 'EAR SAVER' strap for those who want the mask to stay on more securely expecially during work outs and when training. Also stops the discomfort on the back of ears when wearing a facemask for an extended period. (*Style of Ear saver might differ to the one pictured but will perform the same function)

comes in 2 sizes Medium & Large
Please see images for the size chart
Please order the larger size if you would like the mask to cover more.

- 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane Super soft breathable quilted Jersey fabric
- Elasticated ear straps for comfort
-comes with plastic 'ear saver' strap for even more comfort
- re-usable and washable so there will be no paper mask wastage
* do not wash higher than 60 degrees. After wash please 'realign' mask and straps to return to original shape for the best fit as the mask will pull together after wash.
** These mask are not medical grade


Estimated international shipping cost for this product (non - registered standard mail)
UK & USA - £3.50
Most of Europe - £5.50
Australia and Asia - £6.50
Brazil - £6.50
Russia - £6.50


*For non UK international orders, an exact shipping quote will be emailed to you after you place the order. The shipping charges will be based on country and total weight of the order

'Gridlok' Face Mask by Battle Gear Eqmt.