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Battle Gear Custom Gear for Academies & Teams

Gym Owners / Instructors: Your Team and Academy / club is not only the place you train and teach but it is also your BRAND and your brand can definitely be a source of income to help with the ever growing overheads when it comes to running your own gym, academy or team.

We can help you with this by creating personalised custom kit for unity of the students, encourage team pride and aid in Brand Identity for you.

Unlike many other Brands, when we say we will create kit for your academy and Brand, we mean it.

We won't just slap on your team patch onto one of our existing designs and call it a day. We will be in contact to find out exactly what you need and want, work within your budget and together we will create kit just for you and your students.

Get in touch to have a chat! No obligations and lets see what we can help you with :)

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