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Product Care info


Kimono / Gi Care

 --- Cold wash only if possible and never boil wash unless trying to shrink gi. Gis will shrink a little over time  even in normal washes but if you keep it cold and hang dry only, you will maximize the life of your kimono / Gi and minimize shrinkage. Do not put your Kimono / Gi in the dryer. The dryer will reduce the longevity of your kimono / Gi by weakening the fibers and collar.

IMPORTANT - Washing in hot water and drying on the hottest heat setting can destroy and melt the Gi's Collar.

 --- NEVER use Bleach! Bleach will ruin your kimono / Gi. Blood Stains or other stains are normal in your everyday BJJ life. Immediately run under cold water and scrub the effected area. The sooner you wash it the better. If possible, soak the Kimono / Gi in cold water for at least half an hour before putting it into wash this works especially well for dried in stains.
You can use fabric softener in small doses but it is unnecessary and not advisable but if you really want to use softener, please make sure it doesn't have any form of bleach in it.

 --- Unlike normal clothing, DO NOT DRY YOUR KIMONO / GI UNDER THE SUN. It will dry out the fibers and reduce the durability of the gi.
Hanging dry under the sun without washing is the ULTIMATE SIN! Your dried on sweat and the heat of the sun will destroy the fabric.

For our coloured version Kimonos / Gis

 --- Before the 1st wash, adding 2-3 cups of white vinegar to water and soaking your Kimono / Gi for about half an hour can help with fixing the colour and reduce fading. Please note that over time coloured Kimonos / Gis will fade, that is just what happens, its very very normal.

 --- All other care methods mentioned above about white Kimonos / Gis also apply to coloured versions as well..


Basic Rules

 --- Always hang dry your Kimono / Gi after every use.

 --- NEVER leave a wet sweaty Kimono / Gi in your gym bag... bacteria will cause it to stink... it will stink really really bad and once it stinks... it will never really come out.. a stale-ish smell will always be present until you use some kind of chemical treatment (which will harm the fabric). You will basically be 'That Stinky guy / girl' at your gym. Nobody will want to roll with you and your BJJ game will suffer. You will end up being a stinky lousy BJJ practitioner that nobody talks to. It will be quite sad.
This is not an exaggeration..  well... kinda.

 --- Turn the gi inside out before washing if you have patches to preserve the life and colour of the patches

- NEVER NEVER NEVER use bleach or detergent with bleaching agents & NEVER NEVER NEVER wash hot or use the dryer on the hottest setting.

A clean Kimono / Gi and a tidy apperance shows self discipline, shows respect to your master, your teacher, your friends and training partners and most importantly it shows respect to yourself.
Control is a big factor in the BJJ game. If you can't control yourself starting with something as simple as appearance, then how can you possibly dream about controlling anything else. (I am pretty sure some one famous said this or something similar..... and if no one did.. than I did.)

T Shirt  / Rashguard / Spats / Shorts Care

--- Always only wash in cold water or cold washes. Warm or Hot washes will destroy the print.

--- Turn the products inside out when you wash to protect the printed or silk screened logos & designs.

--- NEVER NEVER NEVER use the dryer. The dryer will ruin these products.

--- Never Iron the T shirts. It will destroy the prints and designs and also.... well .... its just WEIRD.. right up there with starched underpants!


 If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us

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