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Thought of the day! : Whats the secret to getting good at BJJ?

There isn't one.... and that is the point. As cliche as it may sound.. you just gotta keep showing up.. you gotta keep your body moving and evolving, you gotta open your mind so that you think about the how why and when. Most importantly you gotta remember that everyone gets bad days and never forget that everyone gets good days too. Just simply never stop! Getting GOOD .. well... that's subjective but if you stick by these 'rules', well you will definitely get BETTER. *These are the inklings us crazies at Battle Gear think about when we think of Jiu Jitsu and in turn, it inspires our designs. The thought above is how we came up with our latest design TRAIN, REPEAT, DEFEAT. Available in T shirts, Sweatshirts, Stickers and more...

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