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The nature of our sport (BJJ & MMA) is that scrapes, cuts and sprains are part and parcel of our training.
To prevent bleeding on the mats, contamination of cuts and further injuries to sprains or simply just to support a existing sprain, strapping tape is absolutely crucial and is a 100% must in every martial artists / athletes gym bag.
Zinc Oxide Tape is perfect for these purposes.
Zinc Oxide Tape is a good quality 100% cotton tape with good adhesive properties. Our tape has a computerised unwind design which means it comes off the roll very smoothly and it unwinds to the core.
Our Zinc Oxide Tape has a strong adhesive, is easy unwind and easy to hand tear. The tape is 13.7m in length and available in the following widths:

1.25cm (perfect for small joints)

2.5cm (great for Fingers and toes)
3.8cm (great for Fingers, toes, Thumb, wrist and ankles)
5cm (perfect for Thumb, wrist and ankles - splitting into different widths)


The strength of the actual tape material is an average 43lbs per linear inch. In layman’s terms.. its pretty darn strong!

Note: The adhesive is good but to get the best out of it, stick it on the first application to the skin and try not to handle it too much. To increase the adhesiveness of any sticky tape, warm it up slightly by rubbing the ends when stuck on or prepare the surface.



White Zinc Oxide Joint Strapping BJJ Finger Tape


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