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*BACK IN STOCK - Last Run - When this batch is out it is out so hurry and get yours before they all get sold - last batch when real fast!*

Special  Limited Edition Version from The CORE 350 series
The UK CORE 350. (United Kingdom Flag)

Designed with the modern BJJ practioner in mind

-Thinner Ultra lightweight 350gsm Pearlweave which is tough and reinforced in all the right places
-Competition legal design and cut . (IBJJF and all other comps)
-Ideal travel gi for the nomadic jiu jitsuka living the bjj lifestyle as it packs small and won't add much to luggage weight.
-Design is sharp yet simple for that minimalist aesthetic.

Battle Gear logos are luxuriously embroided on arms.

 -350 gsm Ultra lightweight soft Pearl Weave Top
 -Thick Vulcanised rubber lapel
 -100% cotton trousers with reinforced knees and thick cord tie
 - Tapered Fit
 - All stress points reinforced for durability
 - Belt sold seperately
 A0 (4'9"-5'2") (150cm - 160cm)
 A1 (5'2"-5'6") (160cm - 170cm)
 A2 (5'6"-5'9") (170cm - 179cm)
 A3 (5'9"-6'2") (180cm - 190cm)
 A4 (6'2"-6'6") (190cm - 200cm)
 A5 (6'6"-6'9") (200cm - 210cm)

Approx Weight
A0 - 1.3kg
A1 - 1.38kg
A2 - 1.48kg
A3 - 1.62kg
A4 - 1.7kg
A5 - 1.78kg

*For international orders, a quote will be emailed to you after you place the order. The shipping charges will be based on country and total weight of the order

Approx Postage charges for 1 set to:
USA - £25 - £30
Europe  -£15 - £20
Brazil - £30 - £35
Asia - £25
(the exact postage charge will be confirmed with you when you place the order)

UK CORE 350 BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Ultra Lightweight Kimono / Gi

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