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Changes are applied when you save or send the drawing. For example, you can add comments to drawings in your project. These comments appear in the tool bar as “Comments” and are automatically tracked. Just type the comment you want to add in the Comments text box, and it is added to the drawing.Markups Import:Import Markups from layers in an AutoCAD drawing.For example, you can import text, lines, polylines, and arcs into your drawing from PDFs or other formats. See “Markups Import” in the reference.Markups Assist:Assist in the creation of your drawings. Add text, lines, polylines, and arcs in a single step, without creating a new drawing.Find lines, text, and other reference content that may help you create your drawings more easily. With the Markups Assist tool, select an existing object (line, text, polyline, or arc) and associate it with a template. When you create a new drawing, this object is automatically added to your template.Drawing Notes:Save drawing notes and send comments to users.Drawing notes are attached to your drawing as comment blocks. You can save them as a draft to revise later.Design by Voice:Navigate drawings quickly using voice input.While using a mouse, hold down Alt and click on the title bar to read a voice prompt that describes the object you are pointing to. Use the scroll wheel to step through the drawing.The design voice can be used as an alternative input method when a physical mouse is unavailable. You can design your own drawings with your voice alone.Comments:See notes and comments when you send a drawing, and send notes to colleagues or clients.With Comments, your comments appear in the drawing’s tool bar. This is a useful tool for integrating and tracking user feedback in the drawing.Standard Mode with the Ribbon:The Basic, Full and Lite editions of AutoCAD come with the standard ribbon in “Standard Mode”.In the new standard mode, AutoCAD opens a designer’s window and lays out the user interface on the workspace. This version enables you to work with all of the drawing features in the same way that you work in all other versions of 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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